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Tips To Organizing Small Bathrooms


A sound organizational strategy can make your small bathroom attractive and user-friendly. Creative use of space and a few functional accessories can ensure that the smallest bathroom contains the everyday essentials your family needs without the cluttered, messy feeling that small spaces often have.

Leave the Countertop Bare

  • Clutter on the countertop around the sink will make a small bathroom seem utterly cramped. Clear out a drawer or two for items such as hairbrushes and toothpaste so you can easily find them and return them after use. Measure your drawers and purchase appropriately sized wooden or metal drawer organizers to keep your daily essentials tidy.

Magnetized Storage

  • Attach a sheet of galvanized steel to the inside surface of a medicine cabinet or vanity cabinet door using construction adhesive. Use a magnetic hook to hold manicure scissors. Sort ponytail holders and other small essentials into magnetic cups with lids, often sold as spice tins.

Cabinet Organization

  • Purchase small plastic boxes or wire baskets to organize the cabinet space under your vanity. Sort items such as shaving supplies, cosmetics, hair care supplies and feminine hygiene products by category, or give family members their own baskets.

Relocate Extras

  • Store extra towels and seasonal items, like beach towels, in a room with more storage space. Towels will easily fit into a plastic box that slides under a bed. Store larger, rarely used items, such as vaporizers, on a closet shelf.


  • Store towels and other essentials on narrow shelves above the toilet. Consider adding a custom-width shelving unit with shelves that are less than 7 inches deep to any area with bare floor space. Narrow shelves allow you to store many small items without taking up a lot of space.

Towel Bars

  • Hang enough towel bars so that no one has to leave a towel draped over the shower rod or side of the bathtub to dry. Look for models with multiple bars that hold several towels at once. Some towel bars also have two or three small shelves incorporated into the design, meaning they can perform double-duty in your small bathroom.